Blog – Page 2 – CMT Awareness


These expert webinars are about Charcot Marie Tooth disease and aim to raise awareness among the general public and health professionals. They are meant to improve screening and limit diagnosis errors to get the best possible care as early as possible.

In these videos, several questions are asked such as the definition of CMT disease, its first signs or when it can be diagnosed and the different solutions available.

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More information about CMT with Dr Teresa Sevilla

Dr Teresa Sevilla is a Neurologist at La Fe Hospital in Valencia, Spain.

More information about CMT with Dr Tania García Sobrino and Manuel Rego

Dr Tania García Sobrino, Neurologist, researcher, specialist in neuromuscular diseases at the Hospital de Santiago talks to Manuel Rego who suffers from CMT.

Find Out more on CMT with Dr Nicolae Grecu

Dr Nicolae Grecu is a specialist in neurology at the University Hospital of Emergencies in Bucharest, a neurology clinic in Romania. Podcast:

Find Out more on CMT with Dr Amir Dori

Dr Amir Dori, is Director of the Neuromuscular Clinic in the Sheba Medical Center at Tel-HaShomer, in Tel-Aviv University, Israel