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These expert webinars are about Charcot Marie Tooth disease and aim to raise awareness among the general public and health professionals. They are meant to improve screening and limit diagnosis errors to get the best possible care as early as possible.

In these videos, several questions are asked such as the definition of CMT disease, its first signs or when it can be diagnosed and the different solutions available.

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What is CMT ?

Press Release

Charcot-Marie-Tooth awareness campaign during October Month The European CMT Federation (or ECMTF) is launching its 5th campaign to raise awareness about the Charcot-Marie-Tooth group of diseases: the most common of rare diseases. It will run in October 2021 in 10 European countries, and it aims to make the general public and health professionals more aware…
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Find out more about CMT with Dr Matilde Laura

Dr Matilde Laura is a Neurologist, Neuromuscular Service, NHNN (National Hospital for Neurology & Neurosurgery) in London, UK. Podcast:

Learn more about CMT with Professor Davide Pareyson #1 and #2

Professor Davide Pareyson is a neurologist at the IRCCS Foundation at the Carlo Besta Neurological Institute in Milan, Italy

Learn more about CMT with Pr Shahram Attarian

Pr Shahram Attarian is Chairman of the Department of Neurology – Neuromuscular Diseases and ALS – Hôpital de la Timone at the Marseille University Hospital, France Podcast :

Learn more about CMT with Dr Véronique Bompart Camus and Martine Libany

Dr Véronique Bompart Camus, a hospital practitioner in physical medicine and rehabilitation at the autonomy and health unit of the CHU in Rennes, talks to Martine Libany, who suffers from CMT.

Learn more about CMT with Dr Riccardo Zuccarino and Sara Corona

Dr Riccardo Zuccarino, director of the NeMO clinic in Trento, talks to Sara Corona who suffers from CMT.

Learn more about CMT with Prof. Peter Young

Prof. Peter Young is Medical Director Head Physician of the Clinic for Neurology, Neurological Clinic Reithofpark, Germany.

Learn more about CMT with Prof. Peter Young and Sina Rimpo

Prof. Peter Young, Medical Director Head of the Clinic for Neurology Neurology Clinic Reithofpark talks to Sina Rimpo, who suffers from CMT.

Discover Katja’s story

Katja Wawrzyn talks about her daily life with CMT.