Podcast – CMT Awareness


Find out more about CMT with Dr Matilde Laura

Dr Matilde Laura is a Neurologist, Neuromuscular Service, NHNN (National Hospital for Neurology & Neurosurgery) in London, UK. Podcast:

Learn more about CMT with Pr Shahram Attarian

Pr Shahram Attarian is Chairman of the Department of Neurology – Neuromuscular Diseases and ALS – Hôpital de la Timone at the Marseille University Hospital, France Podcast :

Find Out more on CMT with Dr Nicolae Grecu

Dr Nicolae Grecu is a specialist in neurology at the University Hospital of Emergencies in Bucharest, a neurology clinic in Romania. Podcast:

Find Out more on CMT with Dr Amir Dori

Dr Amir Dori, is Director of the Neuromuscular Clinic in the Sheba Medical Center at Tel-HaShomer, in Tel-Aviv University, Israel