Patient’s testimony – CMT Awareness

Patient's testimony

Some advices to health professionals with from Dr. Bompart Camus and Mrs Libany

Research updates and a few advices on diagnosing CMT and caring for patients with Dr Bompart Camus and her patient, Mrs Libany.

Heike Loosen’s testimony

Discover Heike’s testimony about her journey with CMT.

Kilian Pauthner’s testimony

Kilian Pauthner, CMT patient, tells us more about life with the disease.

Emiliano Conte’s testimony

Discover Emiliano Conte’s testimony about his life with CMT.

Thomas Henderson’s Testimony

Discover Thomas Henderson’s testimony about CMT.

Albine Hamel’s testimony

Discover Albine Hamel’s testimony about CMT.

Testimony of Arabela Acalinei

Discover Arabela Acalinei’s testimony. Arabela is a CMT Patient and the president of Asociatia Charcot Marie Tooth România.